Aloo Kabab Recipe

Aloo Kabab Recipe | ಆಲೂ ಕಬಾಬ್ | Potato Kebab in Kannada

Aloo kabab is a simple recipe for evening snacks and no pre-preparation time is needed to make this aloo kabab recipe. Also, you don’t have to cook Potatoes before mixing with kabab powder instead cut the raw potatoes with shapes you like and put it in the bowl to mix with the powder. Marinating for around one hour would be great because masala requires time to mix and soak well with the potatoes. For this kabab recipe, salt is not required as the kabab powder has salt in it.

When you are bored such easy recipes would be very helpful and anyone can do this recipe without anyone’s help. And, this aloo kebab is also a good combination with dhal and rice. Its good to eat when it’s hot so, serve hot. You can add little of ginger garlic paste to enhance the taste like how you add to chicken kabab recipe. Veg lovers can try this recipe and you will definitely love it. Click on the video below for a detailed recipe and drop a comment if you like.

Aloo Kabab Recipe | ಆಲೂ ಕಬಾಬ್ | Potato Kebab in Kannada | Aloogadde Kabab Evening Snacks Recipe

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