Tulsi Ginger Tea

Tulsi Ginger Tea in Kannada | Home remedy for cough and cold

A very good home remedy for cough and cold is the tulsi ginger tea recipe. This is also called as masala tea as this contains ginger and Tulasi.  This is healthy and organic tea to prepare at home when you have a cold and cough. Ginger is a very good immunity booster. So, you can add in your tea every day it enhances the taste as well. It reduces throat infection gradually and tea lovers who drink twice or thrice a day can add such health benefiting ingredients that are easily available at home. Try healthy tulsi ginger tea which has medicinal benefits to cure throat related problems. I have made this tulsi ginger tea in Kannada and it would be easy for you to understand. You can make tea more special and tasty if you are bored of normal tea. Prepare this tea at your home and stay healthy. Instead of taking tablets for small health issues you can make such home remedies to protect your health and build immunity power.

Tulsi Ginger Tea in Kannada | Shunti Tea | Masala Tea | Home remedy for cough and cold

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